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One day, about 365 days ago (or a little less), you met this guy. You probably have been hurt or have given up on love since it seems all men are the same – they hurt you and go away, but you met this one.

He is everything you have dreamt of – he loves you, cares for you, cherishes you and treats you like the Queen you are. He never fails to maximize every opportunity to let you know you are his special someone. You fell in love and you are still there, still falling for him every single day.

Now, you have spent almost one year loving and being loved, you want to make your first anniversary perfect. You want the perfect words, mood, location, food, drink and of course the perfect gift for your boyfriend. This task is super important because you want this gift to be:

  •    Special
  •    Unique
  •    Elegant
  •    A sign of your deep love
  •    Luxurious (if possible)
  •    Unforgettable
  •    Useful

So the task you must accomplish is of great importance because, if you get the wrong gift on this first anniversary, it may set the wrong tone for the future. Plus, you know how we value gifts; you may never be able to forgive yourself if it isn’t the perfect one. This is why I am going to share some of the best gifts for your boyfriend on your first anniversary.

Generally, men love these gifts and they would make the perfect gift for your boyfriend as you celebrate your first year together.


Between men and women, men love watches more and they may not have so many, but they cherish the ones they have. Would you want your gift to be cherished right?  

You could consider getting him one of those smart watches that has become really popular among men. Guanqin, Lige and those luminous wristwatches that are available at Mijand E Shoppers Stop, are great choices too.


For every man, there is nothing like a genuine leather belt. These belts are reliable, classy and durable. They last more than a decade. You would definitely want him to remember your first anniversary for as long as is possible. The COWEATHER belts are a great choice; you will find them at Mijand E Shoppers Stop.


A wallet is an everyday item that men love to use. If it is a leather wallet like the – CONTACT genuine crazy horse cowhide, then your boyfriend will definitely find it very useful.


A tie is a statement of class for men. They show it off at work, balls, dinners, etc, so they love it, especially if it is a classy one. For classy ties that your boyfriend will love, check the Mijand E Shoppers Stop.


Sunglasses are very handy accessories that not only keep the eyes safe but also make a fashion statement for men. There are a wide collection of sunglasses,  especially vintage, polarized, retro etc at the popular Mijand E Shoppers Stop, check it out, you will find the perfect one.


When he wears this, it warms his body (from cold) and his heart with love for you. Shop for that vintage sweater he will love at Mijand E Shoppers Stop.


This is always the perfect finish for men when they dress up for an occasion. These days they come in elegant designs.

Meanwhile, in choosing a gift (from my list), your connection with your boyfriend comes into play. The trick to picking the perfect gift is a good knowledge of your boyfriend. Having spent this much time together, you have an idea of the things he loves and would appreciate.

Finally, the amount of love you pour into finding a gift is always rewarded with much more love from your man. So take your time to make a perfect pick. Remember, you can give a two-in-one gift if you can afford it. But two is the maximum, in order to achieve that unforgettable effect. Good luck, have a beautiful first anniversary.

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